Publication “The Euro Interbank Repo Market”

The paper “The Euro Interbank Repo Market” has been accepted and is now forthcoming in The Review Of Financial Studies. The corrected proof is available on the publisher’s website. You can still find the last working paper version of the paper on SSRN.

The search for a market design that ensures stable bank funding is at the top of regulators’ policy agenda. This paper empirically shows that the central counterparty (CCP)-based euro interbank repo market features this stability. Using a unique and comprehensive data set, we show that the market is resilient during crisis episodes and may even act as a shock absorber, in the sense that repo lending increases with risk, while spreads, maturities, and haircuts remain stable. Our comparison across different repo markets shows that anonymous CCP-based trading, safe collateral, and the absence of an unwind mechanism are the key characteristics to ensure market resilience.